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"Getting Involved with Rakudo (A Flavor of Perl 6)

This will be a "hack session" where there is a small "briefing" at the beginning of the meeting (like 5 minutes) then people start hacking away, working on what they want to. This is a good time for people to put some ideas on the wiki of what they want to learn about Rakudo or what they want to hack on.

The end of the meeting will be a short wrap-up where people voice there experience on working on Rakudo (what needs to be made easier? what rocks? what sucks? what do you want to work on next time?).

Please have the svn repo of Parrot installed prior to meeting if you can: (it takes a while to download).

Expectations for the evening

  • explore any progress on the REPL/debugger
  • try and get a handle on any info that would be needed to create a Moose -> Perl6 doc
    • I cant seem to find one, could also just be a lacking in my google-fu
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