A PowerShell implementation of Git, mapping git commands to Verb-Noun and objects.
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A task-based, object-oriented, pipeline-focused implementation of git, providing a new command-line interface in PowerShell functions.


Install it from PowerShell Gallery:

Install-Module PSGit


The current master branch has reached the point where it's sufficient to replace my use of posh-git (for building prompts), but doesn't yet have anything like a write-vcsstatus for default prompt output.

Our intent is to take full advantage of the object Pipeline and create task-based commands following the verb-noun syntax of PowerShell. The Command Proposals are a list of the commands we probably need to implement, and how they map to git commands.

Secondary Goals

We're also using this project as a way to test out a process of co-working and doing TDD in PowerShell projects -- we'll have one or two people writing specs and tests and we'll be asking other people to implement the commands to pass the tests.

Therefore, we want you to get involved!

Detailed current project build status

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Task Board: Stories in Ready