[PREVIEW ONLY] DSC Resources and Configurations to deploy and manage Private PowerShell Gallery
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Deploy and Manage a Private PowerShell Gallery



  • Clone this project locally
  • Deploy Gallery DSC Resources $env:PSModulePath
    • Copy ~\Modules folder contents to $env:ProgramFiles\WindowsPowerShell\Modules
  • Generate Credential files - ~\Configuration\GalleryAdminCredFile.clixml, ~\Configuration\GalleryUserCredFile.clixml
    • Get-Credential –Credential GalleryUser | Export-Clixml .\GalleryUserCredFile.clixml
    • Get-Credential –Credential GalleryAdmin | Export-Clixml .\GalleryAdminCredFile.clixml
  • Update Configuration Data for your needs
    • ~\Configuration\PSPrivateGalleryEnvironment.psd1
    • ~\Configuration\PSPrivateGalleryPublishEnvironment.psd1
  • Deploy the Gallery
    • ~\Configuration\PSPrivateGallery.ps1
  • Populate the local instance of the Gallery with specified PowerShell modules
    • ~\Configuration\PSPrivateGalleryPublish.ps1
  • Register the Private PSGallery as an internal PowerShell repository, using Register-PSRepository.

    • Register-PSRepository –Name PSPrivateGallery –SourceLocation “http://localhost:8080/api/v2” –InstallationPolicy Trusted –PackageManagementProvider NuGet

    • Add inbound firewall rule permitting access to the gallery

      • New-NetFirewallRule -Name PSGallery -DisplayName "PSGallery" -Description "Allow access to the PSGallery" -Protocol TCP -RemoteAddress Any -LocalPort 8080 -Action Allow -enabled True
  • Discovery, Installation and Inventory of module using the internal/private PowerShell repository

    • Find-Module –Name PSScriptAnalyzer
    • Install-Module –Name PSScriptAnalyzer
    • Get-Module –Name PSScriptAnalyzer