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Windows PowerShell Compatibility

This module provides PowerShell Core 6 compatibility with existing Windows PowerShell scripts and modules by:

  • Enable adding the Windows PowerShell PSModulePath
    • Note that some Windows PowerShell modules (like CDXML based) will work fine with PowerShell Core 6, but others may not be fully compatible
  • Enable using implicit remoting to utilize Windows PowerShell cmdlets from PowerShell Core 6 for modules that are not compatible directly

PowerShell 7

Note that there is a planned feature in PowerShell 7 to include the capabilities of this module as part of the engine making this module unnecessary for PowerShell 7. Please review that RFC and add your feedback.


The WindowsCompatibility Module is available in the PowerShell Gallery. To install the module, run the following from PowerShell:

Install-Module WindowsCompatibility -Scope CurrentUser

Quick Start

Viewing the local computer's Event Log from PowerShell Core:

Import-WinModule Microsoft.PowerShell.Management
Get-EventLog -Newest 5 -LogName "Application"

View the Event Log on a remote computer from PowerShell Core:

$Credential = Get-Credential
Initialize-WinSession -ComputerName SQLSERVER01 -Credential $Credential
Import-WinModule Microsoft.PowerShell.Management
Get-EventLog -Newest 5 -LogName "Application"

View more in the Quick Start Guide.


The project documentation is located in the docs directory.