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The Underhanded PowerShell Contest

About This Series

In an effort to improve the validation capability of PowerShell Script Analyzer, we are running a series of contests. We want you - the community members - to help us identify underhanded PowerShell scripts, and then create rules to catch them. There are specific areas where Script Analyzer rules are needed and we need your skills to help us hone them.

What's underhanded PowerShell code? Basically, code that is designed to do something the user would not intend, or takes actions that are not apparent to someone who would casually read the code.

We'll be running this contest in two phases: "Red Team", and "Blue Team". In the "Red Team" phase, you get to unleash your underhanded creativity in writing underhanded PowerShell code. In an upcoming "Blue Team" phase, we'll be looking for creative and reliable defenses to detect underhanded PowerShell. Participation in both contests will be allowed - and in fact encouraged!

Participating as a Red Teamer

We have set up a web service that runs PowerShell Script Analyzer with a set of preliminary rules that are designed to detect underhanded script code, along with a set of commands built into the UnderhandedScriptTesting module that will work against that service.

Submission Guidelines and Deadlines

Full Rules are posted on GitHub, along with the rest of the documents and the module code required for participating in this contest. You must read all the rules before participating. The first contest in this series is focused on finding scripts that would do the equivalent of the following PowerShell code, but not be caught by the rules we have created.


An example of an underhanded approach to this would be:

$type = [Type] ("System.Runtime.InteropSe" + "rvices.Mar" + "shal")
$property = "SystemDef" + "aultCharSize"

or alternatively through C# and the Add-Type cmdlet,

$code = @'
    public static int Getter
        get { return System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.SystemDefaultCharSize; }

$type = Add-Type -Name "Me$(Get-Random)" -MemberDefinition $code -PassThru

Your goal is to submit your own creative approaches to underhanded scripting using the Test-IsSuspiciousContent command, and get a false IsSuspicious return value.

We will award prizes for the largest number of unique successful underhanded techniques submitted, and will also update the contest standings regularly so you can show off to your friends. Critical dates for this contest are:

Date Event
Mar 7, 2016 Contest opens
May 1, 2016 Submission deadline
May 15, 2016 Results of Judging
May 15, 2016 Next phase of contest announced

Important: Before you submit any code, read the Rules. Among other things you will see that by submitting code to this contest, you are granting Microsoft the ability to reuse in any way the code or content you submit, and that we will collect contact information from you to help us run the contest.

As mentioned above, we plan for this to be a series of contests. In future contests, we will share some of our rules that we want you to break, and will expand the prize rules to deal with adding support for defenders (those submitting new validation rules), and attackers (getting past the rules), etc.

Module Usage

Install the module

$profileDir = Split-Path $profile
if (!(Test-Path $profileDir)) {New-Item -Type Directory $profileDir -Force}
Set-Location $profileDir
New-Item -Type Directory "Modules/UnderhandedScriptTesting" -Force 
$webRequest = @{
	Uri = 'https://raw.githubusercontent.com/PowerShell/underhanded-powershell/master/UnderhandedScriptTesting/UnderhandedScriptTesting.psm1'
	OutFile = 'Modules/UnderhandedScriptTesting/UnderhandedScriptTesting.psm1'
Invoke-WebRequest @webRequest

Test a script

Test-IsUnderhandedPowerShell -ScriptBlock { Invoke-Expression "SOME_BASE64" } -Username superbadguy -ContactEmail redteam@example.com