A command line utility that simplifies interaction with the Predix Cloud
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A command line tool to interact with the Predix platform


  • Login to the various Predix PoP environments (US West, US East, Frankfurt, etc)
  • Define your own PoPs for internal or custom clouds. See below
  • Bash autocompletion for the Cloud Foundry CLI commands, parameters and arguments


Use our one-click local-setup installers

On Mac OS X

Run the command below in a terminal window to install Cloud Foundry CLI and the Predix CLI

bash <( curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/PredixDev/local-setup/master/setup-mac.sh ) --cf --predixcli

On Windows

Open a Command Window as Administrator (Right click 'Run as Administrator') and run the command below

@powershell -Command "(new-object net.webclient).DownloadFile('https://raw.githubusercontent.com/PredixDev/local-setup/master/setup-windows.bat','%TEMP%\setup-windows.bat')" && %TEMP%/setup-windows.bat /cf /predixcli

Manual Installation instructions

The latest release is downloadable at https://github.com/PredixDev/predix-cli/releases

Linux / Mac OS X

  • Extract the file 'predix-cli.tar.gz'
  • Navigate to the extracted folder and run './install'


  • Extract the file 'predix-cli.tar.gz'
  • Copy predix.exe in bin/win64 in the extracted folder to somewhere on the PATH
  • Make a symbolic short link spelled with px.exe pointing at predix.exe. e.g. mklink path-to-cli\px.exe path-to-cli\predix.exe-
  • Autocompletion is supported in Git-Bash terminal window, which is installed when Git is installed.
    • ensure a directory in c:\Program Files\Git\etc\bash_completion.d\predix is created
    • copy the predix-cli\autocompletion\bash_autocomplete to c:\Program Files\Git\etc\bash_completion.d\predix\bash_autocomplete.sh
      • notice the .sh extension is added on there
    • in home directory ~.bashrc add this text which sources the bash_autocomplete.sh file
      • . /etc/bash_completion.d/predix/bash_autocomplete.sh


Define Custom Cloud Login PoP Endpoints

In the hidden directory ~/.predix create a pops.json file.

  {"name": "CF3", "url": "https://api.system.your-endpoint-here.ice.predix.io", "flag": "cf3", "usage": "Login to the Predix CF3 PoP"}