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Put into wp-config.php for your site the following line:

define( 'PF_DEBUG', true );

You will also need to go into the base of your uploads directory at wp-content/uploads and create the logfile with the name. pressforward.log.

The file should be in the uploads directory, but not in the year or month folders.

Depending on your server's configuration you may also need to change the permissions on that file to make it accessible to WordPress.

##Tools Menu There are also a number of options in the Tools panel under the "Debug and Refresh" tab. These are advanced tools for admins attempting to test, debug, or execute advanced functionality.

  • The refresh button will attempt to restart a broken refresh process. If a previous retrieval cycle was completed, it will start the next one early. However, if the process is currently ongoing it will notify the system that you believe there is an error in the retrieval process, and the next time your site steps through the cycle, the system will attempt to find and rectify the error.
  • The Clean up button will manually initiate the process of selecting feed items more than 2 months old. However, there is a chance of initiating this process simultaneously with a process triggered automatically every 30 minutes. If this happens it is likely some error messages will show up in the server logs.
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