testing tools

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Firebug for Firefox

This tool will allow you to see all sorts of information about how PressForward works, but most importantly it will allow you to monitor AJAX requests. To do so, start up the tool on the page, press the Net tab and activate it.

Whenever you take an AJAX action in PressForward (Nominating, using a relationship schema, or a number of other functions), you'll see a line appear that says POST admin-ajax.php.

Press the plus button and you'll see a number of sub-tabs. The Post sub-tab will include a line that says action. Copy that action name and the content of the Response tab in to your issue report. Or if it says something other than 200 OK on the line of the AJAX request, that should be reported too!

API Testing

  • Postman Chrome Extension
  • ngrok
  • ./ngrok http –host-header=rewrite local.wordpress.dev:80
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