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PrintNode is a cloud printing services which allows you to connect any printer to your application using our PrintNode Client and easy to use JSON API.

See for more information.

This quick start guide covers using the PHP API library. It shows how to find which Computers and Printers you have available for printing and how you can submit PrintJobs using the provided PHP API libraries.

Step 1: Sign Up

Before you can use the API, you will need to sign up to PrintNode account, and make a new API key. You can sign up here

Step 2: Add a computer and printer

To have somewhere to print to you need to download and install the PrintNode desktop client on a computer with some printers. You can download the PrintNode Client installer here - . It should be intuitive to setup but for more detailed instructions please see here: .

Step 3: Install library

Download the PHP Library

You can download the client from our Github account. If you have a git client installed locally, you can clone our repository

Install via composer

composer require PrintNode/printnode-php:dev-master

Step 4: See examples how to use this library

See examples directory to learn how to use this library.