Encryption format

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Data passed in

The following data is what we pass in

paste_password: UTF-8 string
paste_data: UTF-8 text

Process data

If paste_password is not set:

paste_passphrase = base64(random(32)) # 32 bytes

if a paste_password has been specified:

paste_passphrase = base64(random(32)) + hex(sha256(paste_password))

Processing of the paste_data:

paste_blob = base64(zlib.compress(paste_data))

The paste_blob is passed base64 encoded to the AES function.

Because of a bug in the deflate algorithm used in PrivateBin you cannot use a standard-conform deflate algorithm for that.

Key generation for encryption (PBKDF2)

kdf_salt = random(7) - 7 bytes   **<<< does this need to be base64 encoded?**
kdf_iterations = 1000
kdf_keysize = 256 # bits of resulting kdf_key

kdf_key = PBKDF2HMAC(SHA256, kdf_keysize, kdf_salt, paste_password)

Does the kdf_key need to be base64 encoded to pass it into AES?


cipher_iv = random(16) # 128 bit **<<<< does this need to be base64 encoded passing it into the AES function?**
cipher_strength = 128
cipher_associated_data = ""

cipher_text = Cipher(AES(kdf_key), GCM(iv, cipher_associated_data), paste_blob)

cipher_data = {"iv": cipher_iv,
               "v": 1,
               "iter": kdf_iterations,
               "ks": kdf_keysize,
               "ts": cipher_strength,
               "mode": cipher_mode,
               "adata": cipher_associated_data,
               "cipher": cipher_algo,
               "salt": kdf_salt,
               "ct": cipher_text}
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