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An incomplete, stackless, interpreter of Python bytecode, written in Rust.
Rust Python
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A Python virtual machine, written in Rust.


  • prints strings to stdout
  • basic exceptions
  • for loops
  • functions, positional arguments, keyword arguments, *args, **kwargs
  • useable as a library
  • a fine-grained sandbox


  • Compatible with CPython 3.6's bytecode, in order to take advantage of FAT Python
  • Support CPython's implementation of the standard library
  • No crash, even when messing with code objects
  • Bytecode optimizations at runtime
  • Less bounded by the GIL than CPython


  • CPython 3.6 (used as a parser and bytecode compiler).
  • Rust
  • Cargo

Try it

  1. git clone
  2. cd pythonvm-rust
  3. python3 -m compileall -b pythonlib examples
  4. cargo run pythonlib/ examples/helloworld.pyc
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