A tiny, easy-to-use standalone in-line and by-line diffing class with built-in HTML output. Includes Laravel bundle layer. Supports PHP 5.2+.
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QuickDiff is a text diffing class for PHP. It might not be very accurate but it's very easy to use and have two modes - finding changes by line or inline (within one line). It also comes with built-in HTML generation although you need to style it yourself with CSS.

It has no dependencies and works out of the box in PHP 5.2 and up - simply include it and you're ready to go.

Unless you're using Laravel QuickDiff is just a single file (quickdiff.php).

[ Method reference | Live example ]


require_once 'quickdiff.php';

echo QuickDiff::FullHtmlWrapped("line1\nline2", "line1\nKABOOM\nline2");
  //=> <pre class="qdiff">...</pre>
echo QuickDiff::FullHtmlWrapped("\bin\xA\ry\0u\tput", "line1\nKABOOM\nline2");
  //=> <p class="qdiff bin">Diff is unavailable for binary data.</p>
echo QuickDiff::InlineHTML("this plus that", "plus that and this");
  //=> <span class="add">this<i>&middot;</i></span>...

Laravel bundle

php artisan bundle:install quickdiff

After this insert the configuration from bundle.php into your application/bundles.php and use LaraQDiff class instead of QuickDiff - it will take into count options that you can configure in the bundle's config/*.php files.

This automatic configuration is the only difference between standalone QuickDiff and LaraQDiff.