Magento New Relic Integration
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NOTE: NewRelic depricated teh Data Access key (and most likely the API with it) This module is most likely no longer functional, and I have no time to update it ongoing.

It is now simply here for historical purposes

Magento New Relic Integration

This module will allow in depth connection between the amazing New Relic Performance Monitoring System and your Magento website. Uses the awesome New Relic API to submit and collect data. Notice immediately what your Magento site is up to, and how it affects your site performance.

Compatible with Magento CE 1.6+ and EE 1.11+ Requirements: New Relic Pro or higher for full functionality New Relic PHP agent installed PHP5.3+

Can be made compatible to older magento versions (php5.2), with a bit of chnages.

Refer to (if you do this, and find more changes, please feed back changes for other users)

Multiple Application Names After install

A few users have noted that after the module was installed, a new application name appeared in NewRelic. Please see the answer on issue #17 which explains why this is happening (see the last answer by ProxiBlue)

The sweet and short: Make sure your application name in the newrelic agent ini is correct.


Mark Cache clear events on New Relic graphs
Mark Index events on New Relic graphs
Send log entries to New Relic Stack trace for log entries in New Relic
Send Magento exceptions to New Relic - Notice when your site has problems
Limit certain log and exception entries from logging to New Relic. Keep the 'noise' out, so you can focus on the real errors and events
Embed New Relic Graphs in your Dashboard. Make it easy to monitor your site performance directly from Magento admin
Retain in depth analytics in New Relic
Easy to install,
Easy to use Block admin access to be send metrics. Stop admin from scewing your apdex score!
Block specific modules to send metrics.
Ability to set named transactions
Ability to add module name to named transactions

This is not an official New Relic product, and is not endorsed by New Relic. This module is currently given FREE

Compatibility with Firegento Logger


Edit the config.xml file of the ProxiBlue module. Find the entry for the log writer.


and change it to

            <!-- <writer_model>ProxiBlue_NewRelic_Model_Log_Writer_Stream</writer_model> -->
                    <label>ProxiBlue NewRelic Logger</label>

After this change you will find an entry for the ProxiBlue NewRelic Logger in the Firegento Logger list of available loggers, and you can then control logging to newRelic via the Firegento Logger system

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