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Welcome to the PythonJournos wiki!

We're a community of journalists who help each other learn and use Python in our day-to-day work. This site contains basic info about getting started with Python, as well as code samples and tutorials.

We welcome journalists and non-journalists alike to join our discussions on the PythonJournos Google Group, as well as our LearningPython study group.

Lots of us also hang out on NICAR-L, a list-serv of somewhat nerdy journalists run by IRE.

Test Drive Python

Just want to try out Python without the fuss of install and configuration? Check out the below sites for quick and easy access to Python online:

  • LearnPython, an online tutorial that offers a web-based programming environment for Python
  • PythonAnywhere offers a full web-based programming environment, including a bash shell, interactive Python interpreter, and sessions that can be saved and shared (free on a limited basis while in beta -- 2/20/12)
  • ScraperWiki offers a free online development environment that lets you collaborate on and run scripts.


GettingStarted - How to install Python on Windows, Mac, Linux, along with Python package managers




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