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The v0.26.10 release includes the following updates:

  • CLI mode works again - issue #97 - thanks to Mike Gurov for spotting this
  • Fix intermittent exception thrown in ConnectionCreator - issue #98
  • Add shortcut shutdown in ConnectionAcceptor, related to issue #98

NOTE: If upgrading make sure you have a copy of your wallet seed so you can restore your accounts if anything goes wrong.


MD5 : e6f8a27dbb096749ca66073418e0218f
SHA1 : cd23813ead5727c3486f5a9721edceed49947e13
SHA256 : 5081dfa156d33073bb03949edb6c6e16f298e6abbf92e44cacda4974e9b27cd0

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MD5 : 58486dda54511b008b27437bda4d0a04
SHA1 : 77217d97bd3b75c5791575fa2ebd8fb939fcf403
SHA256 : b42abf034e0ed47b68a96617f27675daa453591d297a0998705c55a646911f38

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