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Black Game Developers

A list of Black people who make games. Here they are. Hire them. Buy their stuff.

Want to add someone to the list?

There are three ways to do so.

The good way (quickest)

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Open people.json and/or companies.json depending on whether your submission is one person or a studio (both is also fine)
  3. Duplicate the template at the top of the file(s) you are editing
  4. Add and save your submission to the bottom of the list - Don't worry it all gets sorted
  5. Create and submit a pull request for us to review

The acceptable way

Create a GitHub issue here and include the person's name and website(s). We will get to it when we can.

The hard way (slowest)

Send a tweet to @cattsmall, @edibletoaster, or @chrisalgoo. This is hardest for us. There is no guarantee we'll see your request.


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