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Quixel Megascans Bridge custom exports python plugin sample.
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Quixel AB - Megascans Project

Quixel :

Bridge Python Plugin

The Bridge python plugin is an open-source, python-written integration for Bridge custom exports. The plugin is written with both Python 2.7.15 and Python 3.7.1, both plugins essentially perform the same task(s).

This integration gives you a LiveLink between Quixel Bridge and Custom Exports. The source code is all exposed and documented for you to use it as you wish (within the Megascans EULA limits, that is). We provide a set of useful functions for importing json data from Bridge.

This integration was written in an asynchronous/threaded manner to allow the plugin to run in background.

If you're facing issues with and this documentation isn't helping you please let us know : . We'll help you get things fixed ASAP.

More information on Bridge custom exports can be found here:


This integration gives you an example method that reads the data from the json and prints the result on the console.


You must have Python installed before using this plugin. Download and Install Python from:

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