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Restful API for external requests
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Framework focused in Restful API development for external requests powered by Ingran Engineering under LGPL-3.0 license.

Linkero is compatible with Python-2 and Python-3.

What can I do with Linkero?

  • Run REST API server
  • Mount your Python developments or wrappers as API REST service. Only spend time developing your APIs behaviour.
  • Add new APIs easily to already existing gateway development.
  • Generate Public APIs.
  • Generate Private APIs.
    • Security using user and password authentication.
    • Security using token.
    • Grant privileges to desired APIs or only a group of calls of API to specific users.
  • User accounts persistence using SQLite DB.
  • Integration with other WSGI (Web Server Gateway Interface):


You can install or upgrade linkero with:

$ pip install linkero --upgrade

Or you can install from source with:

$ git clone --recursive
$ cd linkero
$ pip install .


More information available in the WIKI.


Check the Contributing guide.

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