Jerome Louvel

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I'm the CTO & Founder of Restlet and an expert in web APIs and REST. I'm an engineer in computer science and management, graduate of Polytech'Montpellier (France) and started the open source Restlet Framework project back in 2005, as the first RESTful web API framework for Java.

I was part of the JCP experts group who defined the JAX-RS API and co-authored the 'Restlet in Action' book (Manning) and contributed to the 'RESTful Web Services' book (O'Reilly).

More recently, I created APISpark, a full stack API PaaS, and Restlet Studio, a visual web API designer, and is also editor on APIs for InfoQ.

I live in Silicon Valley with my wife and two daughters.

Proposed Talks

Restlet Framework NG

  • Type: Stack-Day-Talk
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Description : 10 years have passed since the launch of Restlet Framework v1, the first RESTful API framework created, and thanks to our efforts and our open source community, we have gathered a lot of experience along the way. In parallel, the continuous innovation, competition and maturation in the web API space in general and in the Java space as well has created an opportunity to innovate again. The goal is to have a prototype of the v3 of the framework working, based on Netty and Reactive Streams, supporting HTTP/2 and async APIs in a RESTful way.
  • Background: Java, Netty, Reactive Streams, Restlet Framework knowledge
  • Slides: Slideshare

Representational State of REST

  • Type: Five in Five
  • Level: All
  • Description: 15 years after the publication of REST dissertation, why are we still passionate about it, what’s new, what are the challenges and what’s next for REST. What better place than REST Fest to reflect as a community of practitioners and leaders the state of REST.
  • Background: REST
  • Slides: TBA

API workflows in DevOps teams

  • Type: Panel Discussion
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Description : Let's get together and discuss the common approaches to developing, qualifying and operating APIs in DevOps teams. We'll start by listing the various approaches, their typical pain points, the existing and new solutions.
  • Background: API, Agile, DevOps
  • Slides: TBA
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