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Welcome to the RFExplorer-for-Python wiki!

RF Explorer is a family of Spectrum Analyzers and Signal Generators targeting RF and Wireless enthusiast around the world. More info at www.rf-explorer.com

This is the main entry point for developers, hackers and advanced users looking for ways to extend RF Explorer or use it in new -creative- ways using Python. This high level library makes automating your RF Explorer a breeze!

This is a community-driven project. We are happy to receive contributions and comments, please send us a note or a pull-request to integrate your contributions.

Installing python library

Python is multi-platform, you can easily install RFExplorer with pip: details

Library documentation

  • An introduction of how the Python library works: link
  • Code Examples: link
  • Library cross reference documentation: link

Low level UART reference

The Python library implements a high level, easy to use RFECommunicator object to interact with your physical RF Explorer device. If you need to extend the library or use additional commands, visit UART interface specification