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Custom Actions for Emaroo 4

A custom action for Emaroo calls an executable with arguments built using macros e.g. for the full path of currently selected file/directory, or just the file name, the extension, etc.

Custom actions are defined per-application. They appear as buttons below the corresponding list of most recently used (MRU) items and as entries of the item's context menu. If you prefer hotkeys, you can also run a custom action via Ctrl+number.

(The custom actions for Emaroo 3.x have been moved below the v3 folder)

Sharing Custom Actions

Starting with Emaroo 4, custom actions can be shared by copying/pasting a text string that you can put on an HTML page, insert into an email, or maybe even post on Facebook ;-).

File-based import/export of individual custom actions (via .action.json files) is still supported and will continue to be in the future.

Ready-to-use Custom Actions

The custom actions are categorized by the executable that is called:

How to Use

As an example, here's a custom action that creates a new mail in Outlook and adds the current file as an attachment (read how it was done in "How to Write Your own Custom Action"):

  • Select and copy the text for the custom action to the clipboard.

  • In Emaroo, open the Settings tab ( ).

  • In the "Applications" list on the, select the tool/application you want to add the custom action to:

  • In the "Custom Actions for ..." list, click the "Paste" button (or press Strg+V) to paste the custom action.

  • Switch back to the application's tab page and you're good to go!

  • Tip: You can view the custom action for a specific selected file or folder before running the custom action by opening the context menu on the custom action's button and selecting "Debug":

  • In the debug dialog you'll see the actual command line to be used (and you can inspect the values of all macros):

    Want to Write Your Own?

    Take a look at "How to Write Your own Custom Action"!


Custom actions for Emaroo, the free utility for browsing the most recently used lists of tools and applications like Visual Studio, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more.




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