Blender addon for reshaping UV selection into grid.
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Uv Squares

Blender's UV Editor tool that reshapes UV selection into grid.


(Best place to start is toolbar)

  • Reshape selected UV faces (quads) to grid of either:
    • equivalent squares
    • or by respect to shape
  • Align sequenced vertices on axis (X or Y axis is determined by slope automatically) :
    • make them equally distanced
  • Rip faces
  • Join selected vertices to any closest unselected vertices


  • [grid]/[aligning] is alt + [E]
  • Rip faces is alt + [V]
  • Join vertices is shift + alt + [V]


Aligning to axis

  • All vertices have to be ordered/sequenced by x/y value depending of X/Y axis that they are getting aligned to. Otherwise you will have swapped vertices in the result.
  • What script does here:
    • set pivot to cursor (sets it back after)
    • 2d cursor will snap to closest vertex and the alignment will be made at that verts x/y value, depending on the axis
    • restrict scale to axis (recognize X or Y by the slope)
    • scale to 0 to where the cursor has snapped

Reshaping to grid

  • Works on any UV selection shape of quad faces
  • You can specify active quad by making it the last selected face, if not one face will automatically be taken as reference quad
  • 2d cursor is snapped to closest corner and is determining the direction for calculating the length of start and end of grid as well as length of one unit for square grid

Rip faces

  • Rip/separate any selected faces
  • Rip single vertex

Join vertices

  • Snaps selected vertices to closest non selected
    • For faces, if you want to connect islands back to their original place - use stitch (shortcut: V, while stitching press I to toggle island)

For any questions, bug reports or suggestions please contact me at