Software to Convert Kinect DepthMap Video to Auto Stereogram Video
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Hack Rutgers Fall 2014

2nd Place Microsoft Prize

Hollywood is always looking for new platforms to develop on. We believe that artists and film-makers should be able to focus on their art and not on the technical aspects of new platforms. As a result we develoed software that converts normal video to Auto Stereograhic. Created using Microsoft Kinect, NetBeans, Processing API, Java (especially Swing), Processing, and CSS. Fork of OpenStereogram (; our improvements on this open source code allows film makers to simply record video using Kinect and then convert to autosterograhic (as opposed to passing in individual frames as OpenStereogram does).

Created by Rajat Bhageria (UPenn), Chris Kao (UPenn), and Harman Anand (High School) during HackRU (Hack Rutgers) in Fall 2014.

Watch an explainer video about MagicEye: Visit our website:

Currently working on improving the software in order to get it into filmmaker's hands ASAP.