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Now living at -- Cross-platform cross-machine RepRap communications library
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Libreprap is a library intended to abstract host <-> reprap communication, allowing all reprap host software to share common code for this task.

Code hosting:
Page on the reprap wiki:

Currently, gcdump (from reprap-tools) and the development branch of RepSnapper is using this lib, but once it matures, the intention is for every host software to start using it.

== Development ==
You can debug the serial code wihtout an actual firmware by using socat:
* sudo socat -d -d pty,link=/dev/libreprap,raw,echo=0 readline,raw,echo=0
** This gives a simple serial terminal that you can use to talk to libreprap
* connect your client software to /dev/libreprap
** now send anything and see it appear on the socat terminal
* for testing libreprap with minimal distractions, try gcdump from
** "gcdump -v -p 3 /dev/libreprap" eats from stdin and outputs to stdout. Use "-p 5" instead for comms checksumming
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