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Looks up current weather conditions and creates 7 wifi access points with the data.

This was built to run on an Onion Omega running OpenWRT in the United States.

Lookup the XML feed for your area here:

Add a line to crontab to run the script automatically.

*/15 * * * * /root/ssidjumble >/dev/null 2>&1

Example Output:

SSID: >> KMYF Weather: Light Rain Fog
SSID: >> Temp: 58.0 F (14.4 C)
SSID: >> Dewpoint: 55.9 F (13.3 C)
SSID: >> Wind: South at 8.1 MPH
SSID: >> Wind Direction: South
SSID: >> Visibility: 2.00 MI
SSID: >> Relative Humidity: 93%


You'll need php7-cli, bash, php7-mod-curl, php7-mod-simplexml, php7-mod-json to run ssidjumble. opkg can easily install these.

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