Lightweight generic blocker of updates from official WordPress repositories.
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Update Blocker — for WP repositories

Update Blocker is a lightweight generic blocker of plugin, theme, and core updates from official WordPress repositories.

It was created as shared reusable plugin for the sake of no longer reinventing that particular wheel.


  • single main file
  • mu-plugins–friendly
  • no hard dependencies

Not goals

  • interface
  • elaborate API
  • as–library use
  • unreasonable compat



  1. Download ZIP.
  2. Unpack files from inside into wp-content/plugins/update-blocker.


  1. Download update-blocker.php.
  2. Place into wp-content/mu-plugins.
  3. Edit settings for blocks in the file.


Create project in the wp-content/plugins:

composer create-project rarst/update-blocker:~1.0

Or require in composer.json of site project:

	"require": {
		"rarst/update-blocker": "~1.0"

Requiring on plugin/theme level is not implemented, use suggest:

	"suggest": {
		"rarst/update-blocker": "Prevents invalid updates from official repositories"


Plugin's settings have following structure:

	'all'     => false,
	'files'   => array( '.git', '.svn', '.hg' ),
	'plugins' => array( 'update-blocker/update-blocker.php' ),
	'themes'  => array(),
	'core'    => false,
  • all — boolean, disables updates completely
  • files — array of plugin/theme root–relative files to detect for block
  • plugins — array of plugin base names (folder-name/plugin-name.php) to block
  • themes — array of theme slugs (theme-name) to block
  • core — boolean, disables core updates

Settings pass through update_blocker_blocked filter.

Processed data passes through update_blocker_plugins and update_blocker_themes filters during update checks.

Plugin opt–in

add_filter( 'update_blocker_blocked', function( $blocked ) {
	$blocked['plugins'][] = plugin_basename( __FILE__ ); // or just folder-name/plugin-name.php string
	return $blocked;
} );

Theme opt–in

add_filter( 'update_blocker_blocked', function( $blocked ) {
	$blocked['themes'][] = 'theme-name';
	return $blocked;
} );

Core opt–in

add_filter( 'update_blocker_blocked', function ( $blocked ) {
	$blocked['core'] = true;
	return $blocked;
} );


  • MIT