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Docker: Wordpress

Dockerfile for Wordpress with mSMTP client.

docker-compose file includes:

  • Wordpress
  • MariaDB
  • Backup
  • Docker Swarm support
  • Traefik v2 support


  1. clone the repo
  2. create .env file from .env.example
  3. create msmtp/msmtprc from msmtp/msmtprc.example
  4. copy one of the docker-compose (dev/traefik) templates to docker-compose.yml
  • to create a file for docker swarm run:
docker-compose config >

Network settings:

The stack is divided into two networks, backend and frontend.

the idea behind splitting the stack into two networks is to block the access of the reverse proxy to the backend containers.

both networks are unique and will be named with stack-name_network-name such as:

  • docker-wordpress_backend
  • docker-wordpress_frontend

after running docker-compose up you need to connect your reverse proxy to your new frontend network: you can do that manually using:

 docker network connect docker-wordpress_frontend PROXY_CONTAINER_NAME

if you are using my Traefik setup there is a script included that will connect all your frontend networks to your Traefik container.

Author: RaveMaker.


Dockerfile for Wordpress with mSMTP, MariaDB, Backup, Traefik support, Swarm support.






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