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A command-line tool for pasting to refheap.
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This is a sexy little command line client for refheap. It can do amazingly awesome things like create pastes for you.

How it works

penumbra:refh raynes$ refh -?
refh v0.1.0

args [OPTIONS]

Common flags:
  -u --username=ITEM
  -t --token=ITEM   
  -c --copy           True by default. If true, copy resulting link to
  -l --language=ITEM  Must be exactly as the language name appears on
                      refheap's dropdown.
  -a --anon           Paste anonymously regardless of username and token
  -f --file=ITEM      Paste from this file instead of stdin. If extension is
                      present, use it to determine language.
  -p --private        False by default. If true, make paste private.
  -? --help           Display help message
  -V --version        Print version information

If a file isn't passed to -f, refh expects the body of the paste to be passed to its stdin. The rest should be pretty straightforward.


This is a Haskell program. If you happen to have Haskell and cabal-install installed, you can install it with that

cabal install refh

If not, I'll put together some binaries for the various platforms. I don't have access to Windows though, so unless someone contributes it, I can't produce binaries for that. Check here for binaries.

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