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Rcpp Gallery

This is the repository for the Rcpp Gallery website, a collection of community contributed articles and code examples that illustrate techniques for programming with Rcpp. The goal is to provide a forum for easy sharing of technical insights and methods of work. We hope this helps both beginners to get started with Rcpp as well as advanced users to glean insights from seeing how others use Rcpp to solve more challenging problems.


Contributions to the Rcpp Gallery are very welcome. For more details see the Contributing to the Rcpp Gallery article.

To setup a local development configuration of the Rcpp Gallery website you should clone it to your local system and then follow the instructions in the Local Development Configuration article.


These materials are made available to you under the terms of the GPLv2 (or later) license, which can be found here:

Individual contributions are owned by their authors and are Copyright (c) 2012 by each author. Please review the header information in the individual source files for more details.