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ReDEnergy added option to enable troubleshooting (fix for incorrect saved session)
improved auto-saved history storage upgrading and updating
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SessionSync Session Sync

Firefox Add-on for storing browser sessions into bookmarks and sync them across multiple devices

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Save sessions as bookmarks and sync them using Firefox Sync (or any other sync engine)
Session-Sync will automatically detect updates and display updated sessions across multiple machines. Session-Sync provides a rich interface for sessions management

  • edit sessions and bookmarks (save, delete, restore, merge, replace, etc)
  • order sessions and book using drag-n-drop actions
  • use auto-save feature to inspect history sessions

Session Sync

Version 3 - WebExtensions

  • improved UI support for widget based interaction
  • multiple UI/UX improvements
  • added optional Tab/Window Detach mode

General Features - Advanced UI and Management Features

  • improved bookmark management
    • added support for pinned tabs and other features such as merge, replace,
    • session auto-saving
    • history list - session can be saved later as classic bookmark sessions
    • private windows are ignored by auto-save
  • speed improvement and bookmark cache optimizations
  • resizable UI
  • icon set and tooltip system
  • advance UI scaling for individual UI areas (session list, bookmark list, session header and toolbar)
  • customization panel
  • support for touch input
  • session sorting by name/position/date
  • session filtering
  • advanced drag-n-drop support with fluid animations
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