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Go client for RediSearch
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RediSearch Go Client

Go client for RediSearch, based on redigo.


go get

Usage Example

import (


func ExampleClient() {

	// Create a client. By default a client is schemaless
	// unless a schema is provided when creating the index
	c := redisearch.NewClient("localhost:6379", "myIndex")

	// Create a schema
	sc := redisearch.NewSchema(redisearch.DefaultOptions).
		AddField(redisearch.NewTextFieldOptions("title", redisearch.TextFieldOptions{Weight: 5.0, Sortable: true})).

	// Drop an existing index. If the index does not exist an error is returned

	// Create the index with the given schema
	if err := c.CreateIndex(sc); err != nil {

	// Create a document with an id and given score
	doc := redisearch.NewDocument("doc1", 1.0)
	doc.Set("title", "Hello world").
		Set("body", "foo bar").
		Set("date", time.Now().Unix())

	// Index the document. The API accepts multiple documents at a time
	if err := c.Index([]redisearch.Document{doc}...); err != nil {

	// Searching with limit and sorting
	docs, total, err := c.Search(redisearch.NewQuery("hello world").
		Limit(0, 2).

	fmt.Println(docs[0].Id, docs[0].Properties["title"], total, err)
	// Output: doc1 Hello world 1 <nil>
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