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Sample project to demonstrate transformation of various Android layout
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Automated Source Code Transformation service

Platform - Android | iOS Follow @reflectcode

ReflectCode layout demo

This project demonstrates the conversion of various Android Layouts. This repository contains the Android source code which was used as input and generated iOS source code project.

Android Layouts transformed

This sample project demonstrates conversion of following layouts -

  • RelativeLayout
  • FrameLayout
  • LinearLayout (Nested)
  • ConstraintLayout
  • TableLayout
  • ScrollView

Statement Estimation

File Statement
activity_main.xml 353
linear_nested.xml 724
relative_layout.xml 752
frame_layout.xml 514
constraint_layout.xml 495
table_layout.xml 801
scroll_view.xml 776
Total 4415

Dev Notes

Details of layout controls ported -

Control Attributes
LinearLayout orientation, gravity, background, textAppearance
RelativeLayout layout_centerHorizontal, layout_centerVertical, layout_toLeftOf, layout_toRightOf, layout_above, layout_below, layout_alignParentTop, layout_alignParentBottom, layout_alignParentRight, layout_alignParentLeft
FrameLayout layout_marginTop, layout_gravity = right, left, right+bottom, left+bottom, center, center_horizontal, center_vertical, right+center_vertical, bottom+center_horizontal
ConstraintLayout Bottom_toBottomOf, Top_toTopOf, Top_toBottomOf, Left_toLeftOf, Start_toEndOf, Right_toRightOf, Baseline_toBaselineOf, Vertical_bias, Horizontal_bias
TableLayout TableLayout, TableRow, background, padding
ScrollView ScrollView,, HorizontalScrollView, android:scrollbars

Screen shots

Screen shot of LinearLayout - linear nested portrait linear nested landscape

Screen shot of RelativeLayout - relative layout portrait relative layout landscape

Screen shot of FrameLayout - frame layout portrait frame layout landscape

Screen shot of ConstraintLayout -

  • Note - Android source code for ConstraintLayout taken from Google CodeLabs

constraint layout portrait

constraint layout landscape

Screen shot of TableLayout -

table layout portrait

table layout landscape

Screen shot of ScrollView -

ScrollView ScreenRec

scroll view portrait

scroll view landscape


This project is made available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more details.

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