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ModelExplorer - The Renga plugin for browsing and editing Renga model



This plugin allows you to browse Renga model, obtain the object parameters and quantities, change values of custom user-defined object attributes, set visibility state to model objects, select model object from browser.

How to make plugin working

  1. Open Renga installation folder.
  2. Open Plugins directory (create in case of missing).
  3. Create directory ModelExplorerPlugin and open it.
  4. Copy plugin files to the just created directory. If you build plugin by your own - all required files located in project output directory.
  5. Restart Renga.

How to build the plugin

To build the plugin you need RengaSDK and Qt 5.8.1. You can download the latest version of RengaSDK from "". There are two environment variables (renga_sdk, qt5_path) used in plugin. You should add these variables to the system, and specify paths to RengaSDK folder and Qt folder accordingly. Alternatively you can set required paths in Visual Studio.

Other links

Feel free to use this plugin for work, as a basis for your own development or as an example.

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