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RestComm Sip Servlets

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RestComm SIP Servlets is a SIP, IMS and WebRTC Application Server. RestComm SIP Servlets facilitates the shift towards Cloud Communications by enabling deployment and autoscaling of real time SIP Servlets applications across all major IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) providers or on premises. It also brings realtime communications (messaging, voice & video) to your Browser using HTML5 WebRTC and SIP Over WebSockets !

RestComm SIP Servlets enables turnkey SaaS offerings such as RestComm.

Check out the wiki for more information.

WebRTC Demo

The (RestComm HTML5 WebRTC Client)[HTML5WebRTCVideoApplication] allows you to make video calls from/to any Web Browser supporting [http://webrtc.org WebRTC], (only Google Chrome Firefox and Opera supports it so far but some plugins exists to enable it on IE and Safari).


RestComm SIP Servlets implements the latest SIP Servlet v1.1 (JSR 289) standard. It can be plugged into any Application Server container (currently 7.X and JBoss 7.X) and also offers High Availability and Failover on its corresponding product from TeleStax, Inc.