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Return To The Roots

"Return To The Roots" is a fan-project, which aims to renew the original The Settlers 2.

We aim to extend new features such as a multiplayer mode via internet as well as the support for modern hardware and several operating systems like Windows XP/Vista/Seven, Linux and MacOS X. Likewise we want to invent some smaller upgrades. Unfortunately it is necessary to rewrite the whole game, but we will stick to the original graphics and sounds, because they are still common and nice to be heard or seen. So you will still need an original "The Settlers 2 Gold Edition" version to play Return To The Roots.

see more information on

Current Build Info

Travis CI: Travis CI Build Info

Appveyor: Appveyor CI Build Info

How to build

On Linux or Darwin/MacOSX

Prerequisite Linux:

Prerequisite MacOSX:

  • cmake
  • git
  • boost
  • sdl
  • sdl_mixer
  • gettext (make sure it is in your path with e.g. brew link --force gettext)
  • miniupnpc All of them can be installed via homebrew


git clone --recursive s25client
cd s25client/build
./ --prefix=.

MacOSX defaults to XCode generator. If you don't have XCode installed, use ./ --prefix=. --generator="Unix Makefiles" instead.

Note that due to the use of submodules you always need to git pull && git submodule update --init --recursive to get the latest version. (The --init and --recursive arguments are only required should we add new submodules to the existing set.)

On Windows



  • Clone GIT Repository from

    • Using Git bash:

      git clone --recursive s25client
    • OR using TortoiseGit:

      • Rightclick -> "Git clone..."
      • Put in as URL
      • Select "Directory" to clone to
      • press OK
      • Rightclick on the newly created folder -> TortoiseGit-> Submodule Update
      • Make sure all modules are selected and "Initialize submodules (--init)" is checked
      • press OK
  • Extract contrib/full-contrib-msvc.rar to contrib (so that contrib/full-contrib-msvc/bin, contrib/full-contrib-msvc/include and contrib/full-contrib-msvc/lib exist)
  • If you havent installed boost, install boost Fast Way:
    • extract (i.e to contrib/boost, so that contrib/boost/bootstrap.bat exist)
    • run that "bootstrap.bat"
    • run created "b2.exe": this should build boost Notice: if you have multiple Visual Studio versions installed, use the latest one with the "toolset"-parameter. i.e "b2 toolset=msvc-14.0" for Visual Studio 2015
    • run "b2 install --prefix=%CD%": this should install everything so the system can find it Notice: Don't forget to add the toolset parameter if you already used it before
  • Use cmake-gui:
    • "Where is the source code": Select checked out directory
    • "Where to build the binaries": Select "build" directory
    • Press configure
    • Select your compiler version (i.e Visual Studio 2010 x86)
    • If it can't find boost:
      • "Add Entry"
      • Enter as "Name" "BOOST_ROOT" (exact casing!)
      • Select for "Type" "PATH"
      • Enter boost installation path for "Value"
      • Press ok
    • Press generate
  • Open and use build/s25client.sln

for advanced info or help see INSTALL file the FAQ in the wiki or