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Project discontinued - Please look at for Ricin v2!

Ricin - A dead-simple but powerful Tox client

Download - Install - Compile - Contribute - Translate - Donate - Discover Vala

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Ricin aims to be a secure, lightweight, hackable and fully-customizable chat client using the awesome and open-source ToxCore library. We know that there are several Tox clients but this project was initially made because the other clients are still missing many features that users have been waiting for over many months. Ricin is a simple but powerful cross-platform client written in Vala and using Gtk+ 3.0.

Screenshot might be outdated but it should give you a general idea of what Ricin is Early version



You can download Ricin as an AppImage. An AppImage is a single file that contains Ricin + the required libraries.
The main goal of this is having Ricin working on every Linux distribution without the hassle of installing any dependency.

Downloading and running Ricin is simple as doing the following:

# Assuming that the current version is 0.2.1
chmod a+x


Ricin for Windows can be downloaded at the following URL.
Please note that this is the first release of Ricin for Windows and that it may contains bugs, please report any of them (even the insignifiant ones) via the issue tracker.


Installation instructions are available inside our file. :)


Please refer to the to install the dependencies on your Linux distribution.

git clone && cd Ricin
alias waf=$PWD/waf
waf configure
waf build


There are plenty of way you can donate to Ricin. All the money received will be used to work at full-time on Ricin. You can even tell us what you want to be worked on by backing an issue!


Ricin uses Transifex in order to maintain Localization and enable users to help us translating it in their native language.
Here's a graphic about the translations' state:

Translations state for Ricin

How to translate

In order to make a translation, please create an account on Transifex, then go to this page and select the language you want to translate it. Transifex will redirect you to a page where you'll be able to translate Ricin's strings.

Please respect the following rules while translating:

  • Always use the same markup as the original string.
  • Don't remove trailing spaces if any, they are needed for Ricin to display text correctly.
  • Please try to translate using similar words, don't use funny words.
  • Write the sentences in an imperative way.
  • Translations will be reviewed string by string and parts of it could be rejected it the above rules are not respected.

Discover Vala

Before clicking on any link below, you must know what Vala is and why it is so powerful and easy to use: What is Vala?