Forward a Unix socket over SSH
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Forward a Unix socket over SSH


In all examples, <host> represents a remote host.

Forward a remote Docker socket

sudo forward_socket \
  --local_user $(id -un) \
  "ssh -i $HOME/.ssh/id_rsa $(id -un)@<host>" \
  • Sudo so that you can create the local /var/run/docker.sock
  • SSH into your host, with your current user's username, and your id_rsa (can't just use , because the sudo will ssh as root@<host> and use root's keys)
  • Listen at /var/run/docker.sock (the same as the remote)
  • Set the listen socket's owner to your current user

Forward a remote Docker socket, with connection pool

sudo forward_socket
  --local_user $(id -un) \
  "ssh -i $HOME/.ssh/id_rsa -o ControlMaster auto -o ControlPersist 600 -o ControlPath docker_ssh.sock $(id -un)@<host>" \

Mostly the same as the forwarding above, except:

  • ControlMaster auto adds connection pooling
  • ControlPersist 600 sets the connection pool timeout to 600
  • ControlPath docker_ssh.sock creates the shared SSH socket docker_ssh.sock