Return number of events per minute as a ratio
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A lightweight program for finding the ratio of something occurring over a span of minutes.


  • Running tally: Avoid losing track of how far along in a count you are.
  • Ratio calculation: Get a better idea of occurrences per minute.
  • Legibility: Numbers smaller than 1/100 of a minute are not displayed.

Installation Instructions

UNIX / Bash on Windows

  1. git clone - Get a local copy of the repository.
  2. cd SimpleCopy - Change working directory to the cloned repository.
  3. make - Compile the project - Requires gcc on your machine.
  4. ./count - Run the application.

Usage instruction

  • Enter 1 to increase tally, 0 to decrease tally
  • ctrl+d outputs final results
  • ctrl+c to cancel and exit