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This is no longer maintained. Slack updates broke it and I'm lucky enough to not use Slack anymore.

Tight is a browser extension that simplifies the Slack interface, making it easier to focus.

Tight Chrome extension for Slack

Like many people, I am forced to use Slack on a daily basis. I noticed a lot of opportunities for simple improvements in the interface, so I have implemented them here.

The first goal of open sourcing this and publishing the extension is so that others can also enjoy these improvements and contribute to further improvements. Both Refined GitHub and Refined Twitter are currently doing a great job of this.

The second goal is that Slack will notice and implement some of these much needed improvements to their product. If you like any of these changes, please let Slack know!

Read the blog post or discuss on Hacker News / Product Hunt


  1. Install the Tight Chrome extension
  2. Login to or refresh Slack tab
  3. Enjoy!


Suggestions and pull requests are highly encouraged!


I'd like to thank Sindre Sorhus and all of the other contributors to Refined Twitter and Refined GitHub. I love both of them and they were the primary inspiration for my work here.


Tight does not modify, overwrite, reverse engineer or interact with any of Slack's server or client code. It is purely CSS and impacts only the appearance of Slack in your browser, not anyone else's.