☕️ JAVA Library to Offline sign transactions and interact with the RISE blockchain
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Rise Java API

Through this library you'll be able to interact with the RISE blockchain.


Import it using directions you can find here: jitpack

You may need to have sodium installed. If you're on ubuntu just issue the following commands:

sudo apt-get install libsodium-dev


The main classes are Wallet & Transaction & APIWrapper.


The wallet API contains some utilities such as Address and publicKey derivation from the given seed. It can be used with both a valid BIP39 string secret or a raw 32 long byte array.


The Transaction Class provides implementation of the computed values such as transaction id. The Transaction Class has a Builder that could be used like so:

Transaction tx = Transaction.builder()

Once built, the tx needs to be signed before broadcasting it... Here is how:

tx = tx.sign(wallet);


The APIWrapper class contains mechanisms to facilitate the communication with the RISE blockchain. There are 3 different constructors that will allow the consumer to specify the custom node and the connection/read/write timeout.

The APIWrapper class also contains some method utilities to broadcast simple send transactions such as:

  • broadcastTransaction(Transaction tx)
  • craftTransaction(Wallet from, String recipient, long amount)

Both methods could throw an IOException as they both hit the node wallet to gather the relevant informations or perform the requested action.