API written in Python to interact with the RISE blockchain
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RISE SDK (Python)

Python library that provides APIs for interfacing with the RISE blockchain.

Getting started

The simplest way to get started is to use pip to install this library:

pip install risesdk

Usage examples

All the APIs are designed to be easy to use. All request results are returned as dictionaries.

Every API method can be accessed via single RiseAPI object:

from risesdk import RiseAPI

# In production you should use your own node, as there are no stability
# guarantees for the public wallet node at wallet.rise.vision
api = RiseAPI('https://wallet.rise.vision')

block_height = api.blocks.get_height()['height']
version = api.peers.version()['version']

print(block_height, version)

Working with multiple nodes

In some cases you need to connect to multiple nodes.

from risesdk import RiseAPI

api1 = RiseAPI('http://node1:5566')
api2 = RiseAPI('http://node2:5566')

version1 = api1.peers.version()
version2 = api2.peers.version()

print(version1, version2)