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Repository for challenging Python problems we came across.
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Challenge questions
Working codes

Python Practice

Challenge Questions : This folder contains the challenge question which you might want to do.

Challenge Description
1 Write a Code that accepts String in a format like "My name is someone", then it has to be formatted into "MyNameIsSomeone" and then back to original
2 Write program that accepts the inversemod of num to inversemodnum -> num inverse% inversemodnum = ?
3 Write a Code that scrambles the words by following the rules below:
  • Words less than or equal to 3 characters need not be scrambled.
  • Don't scramble first and last char, so Scrambling can become Srbmnacilg or Srbmnailcg or Snmbracilg , i.e. letters except first and last can be scrambled in any order.
  • Punctuation at the end of the word to be maintained as is i.e. "Surprising," could become "Spsirnirug," but not "Spsirn,irug".
  • Following punctuation marks are to be supported - comma, question mark, full stop, semicolon, exclamation.
  • Do this for a file and maintain sequences of lines.
4 Reading from a CSV file and printing all colums as rows.
5 Given Strings of code equations like, "45 >= 67 56==70 30 <= 78" and output should be binary "0 0 1" { input is seprated with space and output should be on new line}
6 Write a program that converts text written numbers (Ex: Thirty-One) to its numeric form (Ex: 31) and perform the opposite. Input: 31 Output: (Thirty-One)
7 WAP that inputs the length and breadth of a sheet, this sheet should be made of a diamond design with '~' and the rest of the corners should be filled with '#' eg- size=7X7
8 Given a singly linked list of N nodes, find the middle of the linked list. For example, if given linked list is 1->2->3->4->5 then output should be 3. If there are even nodes, then there would be two middle nodes. So we need to print second middle element. Eg., if given linked list is 1->2->3->4->5->6 then output should be 4.
9 Input a list having negative and positive integers.
Output: Arranging them in increasing order(excluding negative impact).
Eg: Input: -8,-5,-3,-1,3,6,9
Output: -1, -3, 3, -5, 6, -8, 9
Excluding negation, list is 1,3,3,5,6,8,9. So list will be accordingly.
Order should be followed.(If -3 came before 3, then order should be same i.e., -3,3)
10 Given a list with N numbers and a sum S, find all pairs(2 numbers) from the list which add upto S.
Input: list: 1,4,6,45,10,8,8
Sum: 16
Output: 10 and 6, 8 and 8

Ciphers : This folder contains the encryption and Decryption algorithms.

Cycle's : These folders are for specific question set, ranging from easy to hard.

Working codes : If you are working on any code first keep them here and then move them to respective folder.

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