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RoboticsBrno (Robotárna)

Robotárna is a unique mix of a tech lab and a place of technical education. We deeply care about exposing our students to engineering principles and building mental frameworks of technical thinking and communication.

We believe that great results can only be achieved by working at multiple levels of abstraction. Our projects contain custom mechanical parts, electronics, firmware, software and ideas, yet the designs are approachable by the students. The mission is making kids hungry for more understanding by exposing them to capable systems they can grasp.

Each year we organize a summer camp with engaging activities and develop physical device kits to be assembled, soldered and programmed. During the school year students can attend hobby groups covering modeling, electronics, mechanical engineering and programming. We are convinced that our activities are important in complementing the formal education system and expanding the possibilities of learning.


Project naming convention

RBCX - Universal board for robotics

Logic - Universal programmable toy

More projects

Robotka - Robot building kit for RoboCamp

RoboRuka - Robotic arm for RoboCamp

Semafor - Traffic light gadget for outdoor games

MicroJuice - Power supply extension for MicroBit

ALKS - Arduino learning kit starter

ELKS - ESP learning kit starter

RBGridUI - Grid-based UI for ESP32


  1. RoboCamp-2022 RoboCamp-2022 Public

    🏕️ Webpage with gadgets and manuals for RoboCamp 2022


  2. RoboCamp-2021 RoboCamp-2021 Public

    🏕️ Webpage with gadgets and manuals for RoboCamp 2021

    Makefile 1

  3. RB3204-RBCX RB3204-RBCX Public

    🔬 RBCX is a universal controller for hobby robots. It is a successor of RB3201-RBControl. It is used in our robot Robotka on Robo camp 2020.

    C 4

  4. RB3201-RBControl RB3201-RBControl Public

    RB3201-RBControl (RBC) is a universal controller for hobby robots.

    C++ 3

  5. SmartLeds SmartLeds Public

    🚦 Simple & intuitive way to drive various smart LEDs on ESP32.

    C++ 28 13

  6. ArduinoLearningKitStarter ArduinoLearningKitStarter Public

    🛝 Starter learning kit for Arudino Nano / Uno and ESP32 DevKitC by RoboticsBrno.

    C++ 21 8


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