Getting Started

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Getting started

Follow the instructions below if you want to see how Robotium works and how an Android test project looks like. If you want to create a new test project then please go to the step-by-step tutorials page.

Example test project

Android Studio

In the Downloads section you will find ExampleTestProject_AndroidStudio which includes a sample Android Studio project with Robotium tests.

In the Android Studio welcome screen click “Open an existing Android Studio project”. Point to the unpacked ‘ExampleTestProject_AndroidStudio’ folder. Android Studio will open the project.

In the Project window find ‘’ in app/src/androidTest/java/ Right click and select ‘Run NotePadTest’ to run the tests on either emulator or device.


In the Downloads section you will find which includes a sample application and an example test project.

In Eclipse, import by clicking on File --> Import --> Existing Project into workspace --> Select archive file -->

Then you can run these test cases either on the emulator or on device. You right click the test project and select Run As --> Run As Android JUnit Test.

Example of a test case (test case spanning over multiple activities where EditorActivity is the first activity):

public class EditorTest extends
		ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2<EditorActivity> {

  private Solo solo;

  public EditorTest() {

  public void setUp() throws Exception {
  	solo = new Solo(getInstrumentation(), getActivity());
  public void testPreferenceIsSaved() throws Exception {
		solo.clickOnText("Edit File Extensions");
		solo.enterText(2, "robotium");
		solo.clickOnText("Edit File Extensions");

   public void tearDown() throws Exception {
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