Rocket.Chat Cross-Platform Mobile Application via Cordova
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Rocket.Chat Cross-Platform Mobile Application via Cordova

Important Notice

After the end of March (3/18) this application will be deprecated.

Please see our native mobile apps:

Both apps can be found in their respective app stores by searching for: Rocket.Chat+


This application only connects with servers that were compiled with mobile platforms enabled

How to run


  • npm
  • nodejs 0.12
  • ImageMagick (with support for legacy utilities)

Install dependencies

sudo npm install cordova coffee-script -g
npm install

Create Conf files

echo 'Bugsnag.apiKey = "YOUR-API-KEY-HERE";' > www/js/bugsnag_apikey.js
echo 'window.ANDROID_SENDER_ID = "YOUR-ANDROID-ID-HERE";' > www/shared/js/android_sender_id.js

Prepare - Install platforms and plugins

cordova prepare

Run on emulator

cordova emulate ios


cordova emulate android

Run on device

cordova run ios --device


cordova run android --device


Some have had issues with a couple of dependencies not being installed by npm. Running: npm install ticons underscore may be necessary.

I can't connect to my server instance

If you are running your server using the command meteor you should define the URL where the mobile application will try to connect meteor --mobile-server, replace by your IP or domain.

This is necessary because the mobile application download all files to run locally and then start the connection with your server, as you are running as develop mode this is necessary.


  • 1024 x 1024 icon-android.png (can use transparent background)
  • 1024 x 1024 icon-ios.png
  • 2208 x 2208 splash-android.png
  • 2208 x 2208 splash-ipad.png
  • 2208 x 2208 splash-iphone.png