Simplified facade/wrapper class and interface abstracting the Roslyn compiler so that C# source code can be converted to a dynamically loaded assembly at runtime.
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DynamicCSharp is a small library designed for use on .NET Core 2.1 or later. With the Windows implementation of the .NET framework, we could use CodeDom classes to parse C# source code and compile it to a dynamically-loaded assembly. With .NET core, these classes are replaced by the Roslyn compiler API, a complex suite of classes that support syntax tree generation and semantic analysis in addition to emitting output assemblies.

DynamicCSharp provides a simple interface and Facade onto these Roslyn classes, so that users who just want to compile C# source to a dynamically loaded assembly at run-time have a simple library that does this.

For detailed documentation on how to use the library, please consult the GitHub wiki pages.