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RuBot = Ruby + Arduino + LEGO®

RuBot is a simple web-controlled robot that I built just for fun on a rainy weekend.

It utilizes a modified Uvccapture version to provide a motion JPEG stream to the operators browser.

Visit to find the article I wrote about this cool little project.

QuickStart Guide

  • Read the article and build a robot like mine

  • Copy this code to the robot

  • Flash the code in rubot.pde to the robots Arduino

  • Compile the modified Uvccapture source using make and copy the binary into the main folder

  • Connect the robots Arduino to the robots computer via USB and set generous permissions to the new serial device (e.g. /dev/ttyUSB0)

  • Run rubot.rb and visit http://your.robots.ip:4567 with another computers browser

  • Enjoy the ride :)