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A simple toolkit for generate, analyse and hash passwords with PHP.
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Password toolkit (PHP edition)

Password toolkit is a simple library that will help you handling passwords with PHP without any dependencies. This library is a PHP porting from the "Password toolkit" library available for Node.js. You can use this library to generate suggested passwords, analyse user provided passwords in order to get a strength score and create a hash that can be stored within the database. Note that this library require PHP version 7.0 or greater.

Password analysis

First, you need to create an instance of the "Analyzer" class as following:

$analyzer = new PHPPasswordToolBox\Analyzer();

Simple analysis:


Complete analysis:


Note that the complete analysis require a dictionary containing a list of weak passwords, passwords in this list must be separated by a break line (\n). You can download dictionaries here. Both methods will return an associative array containing informations about chars count, keywords and the score.

Password generation

First, you need to create an instance of the "Generator" class as following:

$generator = new PHPPasswordToolBox\Generator();

Random password:


Human readable password generation:

$generator->setDictionaryPath('dictionary.txt')->generateHumanReadable(12, 2);

Note that in order to generate human readable passwords you need a dictionary, words in the dictionary must be separated by a break line (\n). If you are looking for an English word list, give a look here.

Password hashing

Simple hash generation:


More complex hash generation:


The first method will return the hash as a string, the second one will return an associative array with the hash and its parameters (salts, algorithm, loop number). If you need to compare a given password and a hash generated with the first method you can use this method:

PHPPasswordToolBox\Hash::compareSimpleHash($password, $hash);

While if you used the second method you can do this:

PHPPasswordToolBox\Hash::compareHash($password, $hash);

Are you looking for the Node.js version? Give a look here.

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