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@Ryochan7 Ryochan7 released this Jul 7, 2021

  • Another fix for EnhancedKey usage for FakerInput mapping
  • Bundled PurgeOldXInput 0.1.2
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@Ryochan7 Ryochan7 released this Jul 6, 2021

  • Removed old Input Curve options
  • Corrected coordinate system for Stick to Mouse Wheel
  • Fixed saving of Max Output Force options
  • Expand output for Gyro Mouse Joystick Max Output routine. Make sure maximum output can be achieved. Likely would not achieve a completely straight line when using Gyro.
  • Expanded macrodone array. Fixes some macro bindings for later virtual buttons
  • Added 'Hide DS4 Controller' option back in again
  • Increased button mouse wheel delta. Decreases wheel sensitivity
  • Unified late profile options checks
  • Increased resistance range for DualSense trigger Full Click
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@Ryochan7 Ryochan7 released this Jun 29, 2021

  • Group and move Virtual Controller options in Other tab. Contribution by Kanuan
  • Fixed MODIFIER_ENHANCED value for FakerInput mapping
  • Fixed Alt, Windows, and other modifier keys mapping for FakerInput
  • Fixed Stick to Mouse Wheel routine for SendInput output
  • Fixed tray menu profile selection for names with underscores
  • Added many tooltip strings in Profile Editor
  • Fixed RenameProfileWindow closing early due to early DialogResult assignment. Property calls Close on the Window
  • Removed BitChute social link
  • Fixed display of CheckEveryUnit combobox in Settings tab. Not sure when VS changed that portion of the XAML
  • Removed obsolete 'Hide DS4 Controller' option again. Can't have options
  • Added ScrollViewer to Other tab in Profile Editor. Enough controls in tab to justify it
  • Added force option for LS and RS MaxOutput. Allow 100% forced circular max output for sticks
  • Made Capture, SL, and SR buttons mappable
  • Created Outer Button bindings for LS and RS. Allows extra distance action for the sticks like Walk or Sprint
  • Display Touchpad X and Y in Controller Readings tab
  • Increased HID report input buffer to 3 rather than 2. Not sure it will really matter
  • Disabled broken DS4 feedback support again. Can't have semi-nice things. Don't bring it up again until at least the next ViGEmBus driver update
  • Added change to not send Profile loaded message for secondary JoyCon in Joined mode
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@Ryochan7 Ryochan7 released this Jun 22, 2021

  • Removed virtual device plug/unplug delay
  • Removed Dispatcher and thread from OutputSlotManager
  • Another fix to hopefully sort out Special Action items properly
  • Allow profiles to be renamed from within app using Profiles tab
  • 'Hold for X secs' special actions now support decimal values. Contribution by mika-n
  • DeviceOptions has a new 'Verbose log messages' option. Contribution by mika-n
  • Fixed coordinate system for Stick to Mouse Wheel calculations
  • Reset mouse position for FakerInput on Sync method. Fixes some mouse related actions conflicting with FakerInput output handler
  • Updated Touchpad scroll support to use new coordinate system
  • Updated Contribution by shikulja
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@Ryochan7 Ryochan7 released this Jun 12, 2021

  • Fixed obtaining source index item for Special Action list
  • Allow Touchpad Click as an output for Macros
  • Delay log message for virtual device association
  • Updated ViGEmPluginFailure message to make reference to PurgeOldXInput utility
  • Added PurgeOldXInput utility to Tools folder. Might be useful for deleting invalid virtual Xbox 360 controllers
  • Updated Japanese translation. Contribution by toshixm
  • Updated Czech translation. Contribution by MikeCZ23
  • Bundled DS4Updater 1.5.5
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@Ryochan7 Ryochan7 released this Jun 6, 2021

  • Fixed Special Action sorting to sort by user defined Action name
  • Removed support for HidGuardian completely. HidHide is the only supported HID device blocking driver now
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@Ryochan7 Ryochan7 released this Jun 4, 2021

  • Added slot# log messages to a gamepad connect/disconnect handler and 'permanent' slot debug msg. Contribution by mika-n
  • Small special action fix when action trigger is somehow flagged as None
  • Added support for virtual KB+M driver FakerInput v. 0.1. Needed to play Valorant and other apps that block SendInput events.
  • Sort Special Action list by action name
  • Fixed event order issue that caused output slots to not get disconnected
  • Reduced mouse remainder cutoff to the hundredths place
  • Fixed OutSlotDevice check to make sure Permanent slots are detached on service stop
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@Ryochan7 Ryochan7 released this May 27, 2021

  • Re-compiled program and tools. Signed binaries
  • Almost identical to version 3.0.5
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@Ryochan7 Ryochan7 released this May 10, 2021

  • Fixed copying of app config file for fake named exe
  • Now copy deps file for fake named exe
  • Fixed initial Config folder selection dialog when multiple configs (Program Folder and AppData) are found. Make sure to display option to delete one of the configs
  • Updated DotNetProjects.Extended.Wpf.Toolkit to version 4.6.97
  • Updated MdXaml to version 1.10.0
  • Updated NLog to version 4.7.9
  • Check if DS4Windows program folder is actually AppData subfolder when locating program config. Treat case as Program Folder option
  • Added All Files option for Launch Program special action File Dialog. Use Explorer to launch associated program for an arbitrary file
  • Bundled HidNinja 0.3.2
  • Bundled XInputChecker 0.1.2
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@Ryochan7 Ryochan7 released this May 5, 2021

  • Support for DS3 gamepad as vendor defined device over DsHidMini driver. Contribution by mika-n
  • Now issue immediate virtual device unplug upon Windows suspend
  • Changed ViGEmBus lookup routine to perform a list based lookup for potential drivers. Attempt to discover newest version from version info
  • Changed ViGEmClient library to attempt to connect to newest available version of ViGEmBus on a system rather than the first version found
  • Set all controller slots to use the Default profile initially when making a new config
  • Immediately issue unplug of all virtual controllers when pressing main Stop button
  • Initial implementation of HidHide integration. Display key icon for HidHide hidden device. Insert DS4Windows.exe into whitelist at startup if necessary
  • Changed method of obtaining current executable file location. Needed due to assembly changes in .NET 5 breaking support for custom exe filenames
  • Added HidHide installer link to Welcome dialog window
  • Added HidHide Configuration Client app link in Settings tab
  • Hide HidNinja link in Settings tab if HidGuardian is not installed
  • Show the text value of 'Max Saturation' lightbar setting. Contribution by sabihoshi
  • Changed Launch Program special action to use UseShellExecute
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