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This repository has been archived by the owner on Jan 1, 2024. It is now read-only.

Releases: Ryochan7/DS4Windows

Version 3.3.3

31 Dec 19:02
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EOL release. Oh, I'm die. Thank you forever.

.NET 8 Desktop Runtime x64

.NET 8 Desktop Runtime x86

  • Fixed auto profile routine when a device does not exist for an input slot
  • Update Portuguese translation. Contribution by Denellyne
  • Close ProfileMigration instances in unit tests when finished
  • Removed unused Net8NoticeWindow class
  • Fixed Jays2Kings stick dead zone migration check. Carry over non-zero dead zone choice

Version 3.3.2

23 Dec 19:07
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Profile reader fixes

.NET 8 Desktop Runtime x64

.NET 8 Desktop Runtime x86

  • Various fixes for ProfileDTO class to fix reading of retro profiles
  • Fixed default maxZone for TouchMouseStick
  • Added test to check output XML string after profile migration
  • Fixed hip fire time profile settings
  • Fixed some translation string keys in Profile Editor

Version 3.3.1

21 Dec 14:54
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UDP server fix. Minor tweaks

.NET 8 Desktop Runtime x64

.NET 8 Desktop Runtime x86

  • Fixed use of SocketAsyncEventArgs for .NET 8. Allows clients to disconnect and reconnect as expected
  • Use ManualResetEvent timeout as a precaution for HaltReportingRunAction method
  • Fixed length of macroDone array. Added const to enforce array length. Fixes macro binding for Switch, JoyCon, DSE exclusive buttons

Version 3.3.0

16 Dec 05:21
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.NET 8 release. Waste of time really. Make sure to download and install the appropriate .NET 8 Desktop Runtime package depending on the build you are using

.NET 8 Desktop Runtime x64

.NET 8 Desktop Runtime x86

  • Update project to target .NET 8 Desktop Runtime
  • Updated bundled libraries to target .NET 8
  • Added initial unit test project to solution
  • Updated use of ProfileMigration class
  • Changed how migrated XML string is grabbed from ProfileMigration class
  • Fixed issues with converting of older profiles from earlier DS4Windows versions including Jays2Kings builds
  • Force waiting for mapper routine to be over before switching profiles. Fixes BT lightbar issues primarily with DualSense
  • Unregister DataContext used to link VMs early. Purge memory early and reduce memory usage. Thanks to kurtanr for figuring out the problem
  • Loosen analog to mouse wheel mapping
  • Increased RWC for FlickStick in editor. Allow upper limit of 200
  • Changed technique for stopping mapping routine from input thread. Allows some routines to still run while profile loading is in progress
  • Make sure XmlReader instance is closed after using ProfileMigration class
  • Quick UDP server startup tweaks
  • Add missing button ids to the gyroTriggerItems. Contribution by christranq
  • DualSense LED: Swap player 4 & player 6. Contribution by RobbyCBennett

Version 3.2.21

05 Dec 06:25
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Various fixes

.NET Runtime x64
.NET Runtime x86

  • Updated ViGEmClient to work around IOCTL_VIGEM_WAIT_DEVICE_READY timeout when resuming from sleep. The problem affected normal operation as well. Just not that often
  • Clear some memory references early in ProfileEditor. Contribution by kurtanr
  • Fixed new line in translation string. Contribution by DraakjeYoblama
  • Dutch strings update. Contribution by DraakjeYoblama
  • Updated zn-hans translation. Contribution by CrazyHPi
  • Russian translation update. Contribution by mentalsolin
  • Attempt to load DS4Windows config when loading WelcomeDialog for a separate process. Makes sure set translation choice is used
  • Enable localization for LogMessageDisplay window
  • Added check for last check task when starting app update
  • Enable .NET 8 nag window

Version 3.2.20

24 Nov 20:04
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.NET Runtime x64
.NET Runtime x86

  • Bump DotNetProjects.Extended.Wpf.Toolkit from 5.0.103 to 5.0.106
  • Fixed some Gyro trigger indexes. Make sure Touchpad relate triggers work again
  • Added DSE buttons for use as shift trigger. Actually allow JoyCon side buttons to work for shift triggers
  • Abstract resource paths more. Allows easier renaming of assembly. Minor consequnces in the VS XAML editor though
  • Consolidate gyro trigger context menu lists in Profile Editor
  • Added Malay translation. Contribution by shoen1x
  • Use FileVersion prop for grabbing assembly version instead. More helpful for .NET 8 usage than right now
  • Updated FakerInputDLL files
  • Hide some ViGEmBus messages in Profile Editor regarding passthru when using supported versions. Small tweak
  • Use ViGEmBus version check for lightbar passthru message as well
  • add Resources.zh-hans.resx for Chinese simplified translation. Contribution by CrazyHPi
  • update Strings.zh-Hans.resx for Chinese simplified translation. Contribution by CrazyHPi
  • Marked more strings in GUI for translation. It will not affect this version obviously
  • Removed use of deprecated LocText extension. Now use BLoc extension instead. Only used to render one string in Profile Editor previously
  • Skip trying to reset UDP server connection if requested the server to stop
  • Fixed Load a Profile Special Action unload trigger list header in Dark theme
  • Changed display text for Side L and Side R buttons in unload trigger list

Version 3.2.19

05 Nov 21:53
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Scoop junction dir check, GPL v3

.NET Runtime x64
.NET Runtime x86

  • Tweaked HidHide whitelist app check to work behind a junction directory. Scoop install
  • Updated some installer URLs in the WelcomeDialog window. Updated linked ViGEmBus installer to version 1.22.0
  • Changing source code license to GPL version 3. Added notices
  • Added GPL version 3 text to About window
  • Perform junction directory check at startup. Use real install path for exepath if found

Version 3.2.18

29 Oct 17:41
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Fixes, Turkish translation

.NET Runtime x64
.NET Runtime x86

  • Fixed HidHide registry check when key does not exist
  • Fixed Gyro Mouse Joystick trigger indexes for some triggers. DualSense Edge triggers in particular
  • Updated SharpOSC libraries
  • Fixed default app setting for JoyCon LinkMode option
  • Added Turkish translation. Contribution by onuralpyilkin
  • Changed helpURL for SendInput warning message

Version 3.2.17

30 Sep 20:15
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Sony WA disconnect fix, Special Action removal fix

.NET Runtime x64
.NET Runtime x86

  • Fix disconnect of DS4 connected to Sony WA when Stop button is used
  • Revert back to having Launch Program special action run as current user
  • Take CollectionView into account when removing a Special Action from list

Version 3.2.16

27 Sep 20:24
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Virtual device check tweak

.NET Runtime x64
.NET Runtime x86

  • Changed SetupAPI calls used to grab device information. Needed for fake USB DS4 device in some cases