Lightweight Visual Tracking: A multipurpose visual odometry system.
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Lightweight Visual Tracking (LVT) is a real-time feature-based visual odometry system, supporting both Stereo and RGB-D sensors. The system is described in the following paper:

Mohamed Aladem and Samir A. Rawashdeh, "Lightweight Visual Odometry for Autonomous Mobile Robots". Sensors 2018, 18(9).

A video demonstrating the system:

LVT demo


LVT uses CMake build system. It was built successfully on Linux Ubuntu 16.04 and Windows 10 using MSVC 2017. The build dependencies are:

Building then proceeds like any typical CMake-based project using the provided top-level CMakeLists file, which will generate lvt as a static library, lvt_c which is a C-interface for lvt as a shared library, and the executable example projects in their source directories.

Using ROS

LVT optionally supports the Robot Operating System (ROS) and can build a node compatible with it. It was tested and working successfully with ROS Kinetic Kame. The subdirectory lvt is actually a compatible ROS package which can be copied into your workspace and built directly using catkin.